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Create A Business That Can Thrive Without You So You Can

Live The Lifestyle You Want To Lead.


We will show you how to identify hidden opportunities, properly scale your business, AND blast past barriers to grow 30% - 100% in just over a year... even if you have NO IDEA where to start or WHAT to do next.

With X-Factor Coaching you will discover:

The X-factor our clients are using to rocket past 30% to 100% growth OR MORE in just under 15 months...

The 2 entrepreneurial strategies the Top 1% use to get clients and revolutionize their marketing and sales to make SERIOUS money...

Why "throwing [email protected] up against the wall and hoping it sticks" just doesn't work... and how to master success in today's economy...

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Fred Smith


About Fred

Fred Smith is a marketing and business growth specialist.

Since 2004 he's helped entrepreneurs, business and sales professionals to billion-dollar firms get 5 to 8-figure results per month... and beyond.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Fred Smith is the consummate professional who brings unparalleled value. He always provided a service that measures well above typical standards of this type of relationship. He consistently brings thorough, creative, process oriented solutions that caused my company to outperform our benchmarks time and time again. His availability, follow through, and expertise make him an invaluable partner. He is a trusted, expert advisor that consistently brings dynamic results.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I had the opportunity to work with Fred Smith in several different scenarios.

Fred was my Senior (supervising and training me), my co-worker (working along side of me), my study partner (preparing for difficult testing), but most importantly, Fred was always my MENTOR. Fred is highly professional, confident, compassionate, dependable, articulate, and intelligent, in addition to being an excellent sales professional and trainer!