Where’s the beef???

Why Real Estate Sales Training Doesn't Work These Days...


Lame scripts, canned closing techniques, dinosaur gurus, overused clichés, “personal development” hype…




What if I told you that Sea of Sameness was a distraction from doing just ONE thing.


Getting results.


Sure, all of that stuff above may seem great and even helpful to a certain extent, but as that little old lady said back in the day on the Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef???”


Unfortunately most real estate pros, from beginner to advanced, ALL fall for the okie-doke because they don’t know the two big shifts you can make today in your business, just by reading this.


★★★WARNING: You’re about to take the Red Pill from The Matrix★★★


Let’s take a peek behind the curtain. Here’s some REAL red meat for you.


Two shifts you can go out there and test right now and see for yourself and are guaranteed to raise your awareness and results if you apply them.


#1: Start looking for people in the real estate game who show you HOW/ WHY to think about something versus WHAT to think.


Dig a little deeper so you can see the structure… the framework of how something is created… their operating system.


ex: Jane sold John
structure: Subject Verb Object


99.9% of the industry makes their money by selling you the EXAMPLE, NOT THE STRUCTURE.


After all, if you could see the structure, would you really need them anymore? Probably not. You could create your OWN sentences and make your OWN meaning of things versus parroting off a script and sounding inauthentic.


You would OWN the structure, versus the example. You’ll become less dependent on them and become a thought leader in your own right.


This shift will give you full conceptual understanding, but also you’ll start asking yourself why these gurus are withholding information.


I’ll start off that conversation you’re now having with yourself.


Here’s the truth: Most people in real estate get addicted to seminars, book reading and training programs and never go out and apply half of what they learn. How many of you never completed that book, or never applied that stuff you learned during training?


Deep down on the inside… you KNEW something just wasn’t right about it but you couldn’t put your finger on it… until now.


The biggest reason these gurus and trainers appeal to the real estate masses is most real estate agents and Realtors are stuck in a technician role…


Said another way, you’re the spoke in the wheel and stuck working “in” your business versus working “on” your business.


And today’s trainer and gurus know that so they give you what you think is red meat.


They know they can give you half truths because all you want is a little bit of what they know, but not enough to demand more results or even ask for more results because life gets in the way- so it’s really NOT your fault… but made to think that it is.


After all, if these trainers and gurus REALLY gave you their sources and showed you HOW/WHY to think about something for yourself, you’d take ownership of the material…


… and how could you depend on them for more “training” so they can make MORE money off you?


That shift dovetails off the second thing I want to bring to your awareness, and you need to test #1 to go into test #2


The next time you purchase that course, read that book, listen to that audio…


Reviewing something that, in theory, is supposed to help you out, ask yourself:


“Is what I’m [reading, listening to, testing, etc.] designed to give me TRANSFORMATION, or is it just INFORMATION?”


This can be scary for some of you, as your head will pop off because of what I’ve just shared. You’ve just realize you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on garbage content versus having something that gives you the STRUCTURE of thought needed to create your results at will.


Real talk is real talk and we want to give you the real in this group.


Again, don’t believe a word I say. Go out there and put these key distinctions to the test, and you’ll start burning a lot of the real estate books out there and unsubscribing from a lot of people’s YouTube channels, email lists and websites who really own real estate in AND on the most precious part of this Earth…


Your mind.


Do yourself a favor and start cleaning house today so you can take more of your own mental real estate back.


It will create more space in your mind, add a big ass filter of discernment to your mental arsenal so you can get breakthroughs in your career and begin living the lifestyle you work hard for and deserve.


Leave your comments and thoughts below… and be well 🙂



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