Why Is Closing More Deals Important To Achieving Greater Success?

...and what's the difference between closing and selling?

Simply put, closing deals is making a small shift in your communication to bring someone to closure.  Selling is doing something to someone.

Making that small, but powerful shift, is enough to make you stand out from your competition without being “salesy,” pushy, or manipulative, even if you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started in your careers.

I’ve seen and been in a lot of “sales training” in my lifetime, and to be honest, most of it is a waste of time.


Because they don’t focus on transparent and effective communication methods.  Just manipulative tactics.

Here’s what a well-structured sales process should have:

1) A Great Sales Process Needs a CLEAR Outcome

In most of the sales organizations and trainings I was involved in, I quickly found out that there was NO clear outcome that people were aiming for.

You’ll find that the majority of sales training is nothing more than ‘I say this, they do that, and the transaction is supposed to close and the commission magically appears in my bank account.’

Think about it –  what normally happens during the process?

The prospect is dodging key questions you need answered…

Their defenses go WAY up and it’s hard to REALLY get a straight answer without pulling teeth…

You feel like you’re on trial, so you try to show and prove to them you’re honest and they still think you’re lying, even if you’re telling the truth and being 100% straight…

You may try to do things you aren’t comfortable with to close the transaction and feel out of integrity with some of the tactics you’re using…

But everyone in it is trying to achieve something different and you’re not on the same page at the EXACT same time.

When that happens, it can feel like the Wild Wild West.  Emotions start flying all over the place.

You start getting manipulative and they start pushing back…yet, nobody’s actions were clear and focused enough to close the deal in the fastest time possible because you’re both too busy trying to see what that person is going to do next, versus simply focusing on the outcome.

Here’s why:

You can’t close more deals if truth, trust and transparency IS NOT presented and communicated in a way that creates less friction during the transaction.

A well-structured sales process MUST have everyone on the bus, in their seats, buckled up… with YOU driving the bus; WITHOUT ANY backseat drivers or people smacking you upside the head telling you where to go while you’re driving.

And everyone trusts the GPS system you’re using AND your driving abilities.

If you’re serious about closing 5 to 7 figure deals and beyond, that’s exactly what Close More Deals is designed to help you achieve. HOWEVER…

To be clear, Close More Deal’s OUTCOME is not just about “making more money”.

It’s about scaling a proven and repeatable closing method, while being able to maximize:

  • Your Refer-ability 

Obviously you’ll want to make more money.  Even though WE DO want to make as much as we can in total integrity, people sending you referrals, especially when you don’t ask them to, is a really great way to TRACK how effective your communication is in your marketplace.

  • Your Freedom

There’s no point in making more money if you still feel like you’re a slave to the grind.  If you’re banking it but still can’t go on vacations when you want to… or still feel a slave to your phone, emails and texts while you’re “on vacation”… what difference did it really make for you to go away in the first place, right?

  • Your “Why”

There’s a reason WHY you’re doing what you’re doing… why you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to make things happen every day… and that reason goes WAY beyond income.

What that “Why” that makes you want to close more deals?

So it’s PARAMOUNT to fulfill all 3 parts of that triangle…
and that’s the outcome that Close More Deals centers around.

2)  A Great Sales Process Needs a Simple, Clear Strategy

You MUST use a paint-by-numbers, plug-and-play system to consistently close more deals.

Getting back to the bus example earlier, do you think you would get where you needed to go AS FAST AS POSSIBLE without your GPS and a clear outcome?


Because the more affinity and connection you can can have with someone, the more trust they have in you to let you drive them to their destination without the parking brake still on… or without you hitting unnecessary speed bumps or taking wrong turns along the way.

The same goes for having a process in place for closing more deals…

How are you going to connect with your prospect without sounding like a salesperson?
How are you going to convert them into a client without them treating you like a salesperson?
How are you going to smoothly get them through your sales process without sounding “salesy,” pushy, or manipulative?

And, how are you going to give them a world-class experience that opens the doors up to unsolicited repeat and referral business while establishing celebrity and further credibility in your marketplace?

Once you have that basic formula down, how do you ramp it up?

How do you make more people in your agency think just like you?
How do you lead your team to the promised land with proven, done-for-you and done-with-you marketing templates?
How do you let go of control of day-to-day stuff so you can scale out, without freaking out?

These are some of the challenges you’ve gotta work through to design a business that can provide the lifestyle that you want to lead.

3)  A Great Sales Process Has A Formula That You Can Use To Work Through ANY Objection

Again, most sales training teaches you how to do something “to” someone, versus doing something “with” someone.

Here’s the problem with that:

They want to have a positive, transparent experience…

They want to be led by a strong leader handling one of the biggest needs they have (shelter)…
They want simple, direct communication…
They want someone who’s listening to understand, versus listening to respond…
They don’t want to feel taken advantage of…

They want to feel transparent and vulnerable so they can explore their best options with someone who they trust during a life-changing, decision-making process…

…and that’s just off the top of my head!


…you need a communication system that can help you push through ANYTHING that comes up. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck.

4)   A Great Sales Process Needs To Drive And Direct Emotion

There’s a lot of sales training that are driven by EGO, rather than SERVICE. Here’s what I mean…

Too often, and more often than not, most sales training is designed to make your clients feel guilty and make them feel disempowered when making a decision.

That’s why people try to know more than you, so they can feel they have some sort of leg to stand on when “dealing with a salesperson.”

All of the fun is taken out of the process and it becomes more of a competition than a collaboration.

The egos clash and it becomes a power struggle versus a positive experience.

With Close More Deals, it’s about discovering what you should start doing.  What you should change doing. Or what you should stop doing.

It’s not about molding you into some cookie-cutter robot who goes out there with a bunch of scripts, OD’ed on hopium.

You “hope” you’re going to get results. You hope you can say the right things at the right time.


It’s about discovering, stepping into, and FULLY living in your power to help your clients get one-step closer to their dreams…

while getting paid as much as you can from the deal…

… in the fastest time frame possible.

THAT’S what you want and your clients are willing to pay you handsomely for it once you crack the code.

5)  A Great Sales Process Has Got To Have Some REALLY Great Support

I could go-on forever about the importance of being in a group that can give you near-INSTANT feedback so you can course correct. You know, the kind of people who are just as obsessed with getting results as you are…

But simply put:

You should NEVER show up with a big chip on your shoulder and expect great support. Too many times have I seen people’s egos get in the way of them having a breakthrough that could produce life-changing income.

If you are, you’re not in the right mindset to get the brain transplant you need to get results.

There is no limit to what you can achieve, and showing up ready, resourceful and resilient is what having a support group is all about.

Whether you’re looking to break past your current income level, or you’re ready to take the firm you already have and scale it up, Close More Deals has the enterprise-level sales and marketing experience and real-world expertise to help you make it happen.

If you’re serious about adopting a rock-solid strategy that will help you close more deals, which leads you to higher levels of consistent monthly income, then reach out and book a free strategy call with us!

On the call, our team will share with you how to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts so you can design a business that fulfills the lifestyle that you want to lead!

We’ll also dive into the simple game plan our clients are using to scale their businesses to six and seven figures per year, faster than they ever thought possible.

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Talk soon,

Fred Smith
Founder, Close More Deals

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