Why Is Closing More Deals Important To Achieving Greater Success?

...and what's the difference between closing and selling?

Simply put, closing deals is making a small shift in your communication to bring someone to closure.  Selling is doing something to someone. Making that small, but powerful shift, is enough to make you stand out from your competition without being “salesy,” pushy, or manipulative, even if you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started in your careers. […]

Where’s the beef???

Why Real Estate Sales Training Doesn't Work These Days...

  Lame scripts, canned closing techniques, dinosaur gurus, overused clichés, “personal development” hype…   ALL BS…   What if I told you that Sea of Sameness was a distraction from doing just ONE thing.   Getting results.   Sure, all of that stuff above may seem great and even helpful to a certain extent, but […]