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Here’s What People Working With Fred Say…

Fred Smith is a professional who turns a conversation into very encouraging topic coupling it with in-depth business expertise and thus, engaging minds and hearts for reaching superior goals. Absolutely delighted to work with Fred.Dr. Oleg Konovalov
Award-Winning Scientist and Author of Organisational Anatomy


Fred has a genuine interest and passion for seeing people grow to their fullest potential. He was a great partner on our regional team, very introspective and highly intuitive, and he brought those attributes to a unique insight as to how to motivate and inspire the Finance and Insurance, and Sales Departments in our market. He clearly understands that it is the customer who comes first, and focuses on making sure everyone in the dealerships build relationships with the customers, as well as encouraging dealership employees build relationships with themselves to increase teamwork and performance. He is a valued partner, and I wish him well in his future endeavors.Dan Chirilov
Regional Used Vehicle Director


Fred Smith is the consummate professional who brings unparalleled value. He always provided a service that measures well above typical standards of this type of relationship. He consistently brings thorough, creative, process oriented solutions that caused my company to outperform our benchmarks time and time again. His availability, follow through, and expertise make him an invaluable partner. He is a trusted, expert advisor that consistently brings dynamic results.Rick Hansen
Executive Vice President of Operations


Fred did a nice job managing a myriad of tasks and personalities. His strength is definitely motivation and coaching.Monty Brown
Regional Finance and Insurance Trainer


Fred is a true professional to work with. He brings real world experience, as well as in-depth knowledge to the table. Additionally, he works with each individual helping them to be the best they can be, maximizing their potential, while delivering bottom line results. All of this while being a genuinely very nice guy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Fred. He’s definitely a one-in-a-million.Curt Russell MBA
Key Account Manager


Fred is a great asset to any company he represents, I had the benefit of working with him twice in my career. A great guy and a valued relationship. Thanks for all the support over the years!!!John Canales
Business Head


Fred is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of working with. His focus and dedication translate to real world results for those he mentors. Fred is also a great partner that keeps the ‘Big Picture’ in mind and personifies the meaning of ‘Team Spirit’. It was a great privilege working with him. He will be a great asset to any organization lucky enough to have him.Tim Fixler
Retail Operations Development Manager


Mr. Fred Smith has an outstanding ability in Insurance Development Management. I would not hesitate to use him in any auto sales or sales process to better your dealership.Bud Wilson
General Sales Manager


Fred’s has a natural ability to forge strong relationships. This is most likely accomplished by his integrity and desire to accommodate his client’s needs. Fred has persevered through some unforeseen personal and physical circumstances that have no doubt helped Fred grow as a person. These life experiences make him even more adept to advise other people who deal with issues that emanate from life.Ernie Neuwald


It is my pleasure to happily and enthusiastically endorse Fred Smith. Having completed several short term projects together, I can attest to his business acumen, technical proficiency, professionalism and leadership. Fred brings a winning mindset and positive attitude to whatever he is faced with. I am looking forward to working with him again soon.John-Peter Cabaniss
Investment Banker and Corporate Development


I have worked with Fred for several years. He is a results driven, people oriented person with a desire to succeed. He finds solutions not problems. It was a pleasure to work with him as a team.Jennifer Laney
Specialist Manager


Never, in the 12 years in my business have I met and/or worked with a more dedicated professional than Mr. Fred Smith. He has always been proficient and positive results oriented in every aspect of our dealings in the recent years. You will never find a harder working individual than Fred. Good luck my friend.Kendrick Wheaton
Internet Sales Manager


Fred smith is a detailed orientated and well schooled individual with his client’s best interest at heart. I have known Fred for years and his reputation is above reproach and his dedication to helping young people realize their dreams of higher education is well documented and impressive. I highly recommend Fred Smith as a person of high character and impressive morals.Brian Murphy
General Manager - Finance and Insurance Operations


Fred is a true professional. His experience exceeds the automotive industry. Fred applies core practices that ensure success as an outcome. Fred is a compassionate leader and trainer. He assesses the knowledge and talents of those he trains, then gives them steps to bridge them from mundane to successful. Fred is also motivating and dynamic as an individual. People naturally wish to receive direction from him. I have enjoyed working and maintaining a professional friendship with him.Susan Rea
Business Development Manager


Fred as been a strong associate and partner, sorry to see him go…Alexander Tissot
General Manager


Fred is a passionate, detail-oriented, compassionate person with a knack for getting to the bottom-line in any situation. His hard work, integrity and continuous want to ‘Pay it Now’ is one of the reasons we are still in business today…LaVelle Wilson
Sales Consultant


I have worked with a lot of reps and Fred Smith is one of the best that I have worked with. When I call him he is always available. He’s is very easy to talk too, knowledgeable about the products he offers, gets back to me right away if we have a problem with something and always comes back with a solution. Fred is an asset to our company and I look forward to talking with him each and every time I get a chance.Michael Harrison
Sales Manager


What an Incredible individual. Fred is one of those people that you cannot but feel better when he is around. His positive take on any situation is refreshing and enlightening. He has an unquenchable work ethic backed by a well above average intelligence and an amazing desire to achieve the results outlined. Whether you require sales revenue, gross profit, customer satisfaction, or the all mighty Net profit, Fred is the individual you should contact to ensure your success.Joe Ingram
General Manager


Fred is amazing and extremely talented. i would definitely hire him and work with him again! Shawn Pelofsky
Professional Stand-Up Comedian, Actress, Writer & LGBT Advocate


Fred Smith is a man with a vision and passion for helping families beat the high cost of college. It is his laser like focus to get kids to realize their dreams and reach their goals to move onto great careers.Javier Ahuero
Regional Operations Manager


Fred Smith was always a pleasure to work with. He was approachable, friendly and always had a BIG smile on his face. Attention to detail and the willingness to train were a couple of his positive attributes. An all-around good guy who knows what he is doing, Fred is a person I recommend.Dan Gardner
Automotive Consultant


Fred is an exceptional District Manager. His devotion to his clients is evidenced by his ability to help them grow their Finance and Insurance departments and increase their PRU.Richard Levine
Data Mining Specialist


Fred is a dedicated and responsible District Manager. He always resolves issues through proper evaluation and execution. Fred is results driven and will do what it takes to get the job done. His loyalty to the company is second to none as well as the people within it and everyone he comes in contact with. He will always receive my highest regards, due to his self commitment and level of professionalism.Carlos Morales
Area Business Director-South East


I had the opportunity to work with Fred Smith in several different scenarios. Fred was my Senior (supervising and training me), my co-worker (working along side of me), my study partner (preparing for difficult testing), but most importantly, Fred was always my MENTOR. Fred is highly professional, confident, compassionate, dependable, articulate, and intelligent, in addition to being an excellent sales professional and trainer! Nikki Hinz
Finance Director


There are few people in your life that upon the first meeting, you think, here’s someone special. Fred is such a person. A class act, a warm, inviting personality, a quick wit and a unique ability to make everyone feel important. I am consider it an honor to recommend Fred to anyone who’s interested.Peter Chafetz
VP Agent Sales and Training


Fred Smith is a hard working, intelligent and driven professional! His knowledge of business and relationship building skills are second to none! Fred is a true leader!Scott Lunn
Manager - Protection Planning, Analysis & Development


As a strategic business partner, Fred has proven to be an invaluable resource to help drive results. Fred is committed, works hard and possesses the expertise to truly support our dealers with improving their bottom line – profits. I would recommend Fred to anyone who is committed to improving their business results.Jeff Schipani
Manager, Customer Experience


I have mentored Fred personally and I believe his dedication to applying the information in our sessions within his community is superior. Fred has a genuine passion for elevating his life and the lives of others surrounding him- I look forward to seeing his continuous development, strives and achievements toward excellence.William R. Patterson